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There is no such thing as a silly question

Don't worry - below are some common questions our clients have.

Who is building and managing my project?
Given our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Get Decked only employ fully qualified carpenters that come with years of experience within the construction industry. We are also registered builders -
DB-L 71210. Each project (big or small) is managed by one of our company supervisors - they will ensure each and every nail is nailed correctly, and that your deck is built on time and on budget.

As well as a dedicated team on site - our team back in the office will also monitor the progress of your project and ensure all our high standards are adhered to. We don't have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for nothing!

Will my deck require ongoing maintenance?

Absolutely - your deck is an investment, and adds a lot of value to your property, especially if you plan on selling in the near future. Maintenance cost are generally quite low, and depends on factors such as exposure to weather, pets, or whether you have composite or timber decking. Our team will discuss maintenance requirements during the quoting process and once your project has been completed.

Is my deck covered by a warranty?

All of our Composite installed decks will come with a manufacturer warranty between 25-50 years, as well as a 6.5 year builders warranty. Our Timber decks /Structures do not come with any manufacturer warranty, however our builders warranty will still apply.

How much does a deck cost?
Each and every deck is different and unique, and so our are customer requirements. Our deck pricing can range  from $350 per sqm through to $720 per sqm + GST.

If you have measurements and plans available, and know what material you're wanting - we can provide you a quote over the phone. Alternatively, we can visit your property and discuss the pricing once a formal home-survey has been completed.

Composite Decking VS Timber Decking.

Composite timber is a material that is a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a special type of binding agent. It is much more durable than Timber - and can last a lifetime. Composite decking does not require ongoing staining, and is very easy to clean (hose + soap will do the trick)

My Quote Wasn't As Affordable As I was Expecting

We do not cut corners with building any project, nor rush. Each project is built to (or above) minimum Australian Building Standards. Each builder will quote you differently, and quality may vary. Get Decked Melbourne is not a volume builder, rather a builder who focuses on quality.

Timber Decking is natural looking, looks gorgeous and is much more affordable than composite decking (up front) however it does require ongoing maintenance and staining, which means the cost of composite/timber decking are similar in the long term.

Choosing between the two depends on how long you will be at your property, your immediate budget and the look/feel you're after. We can help you make this decision via our Free Quote/in-home Survey.

What else can Get Decked do for my backyard?
Though we are Deck specialist, we are keen and qualified carpenters with experience across all aspects of the trade - including outdoor kitchens, bars, fire pits, retaining walls, patios, concrete path and pavers, feature screens, roofs, you name it, we can built it!

Feel free to call us or email for any questions you have.


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