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Timber Decks Melbourne

We can design, build and maintain your timber deck

Thinking Of Choosing Timber?

There is no denying that a well maintained Natural Timber Deck is a real beauty to lay your eyes on.

We have built so many Timber Decks, we've simply lost count! Timber Decking is a popular option with our clients, with the main benefit being it's versatility and natural wonder.

But often, some of our clients are hesitant with using natural timber due to sustainability concerns, and ask us whether they should choose Composite instead. Well.. let's get into that now!


Composite VS Timber Decking

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether composite or timber decking is better for the environment, however there are good arguments for both.

Timber is a renewable resource. In Australia, natural timber is sourced from plantations or new growth forests. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their wood. CO2 continues to be trapped in the wood, even when the tree is harvested and made into timber products like decking. The manufacturing process (harvesting, milling and transportation) is also thought to be more energy efficient than the composite manufacturing process.

Composite decking is made from a combination of plastics and timber fibres from waste products (e.g. sawdust). Manufacturers of composite decking claim that their product is more environmentally friendly than timber for 2 reasons.

1.       In decreases the demand of virgin timber, so less timber has to be harvested.

2.      Composite products, like those from Trex, are made up of 95 percent-recycled wood and plastics. 



So, Timber Or Composite?

Personally, we absolutely love both Timber and Composite Decking! As you can see, both have their benefits, and we are in no game of pushing one or the other onto our customers. This is your project, your property, and you have your own preferences with style and look.

Do what feels right for you!


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